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Any Illinois DUI arrest — even for a first offense — can be a miserable experience. You must post bond and pay towing and storage fees before retrieving your vehicle. Your license will be suspended for six months to three years regardless of the outcome of the DUI. If you are found guilty, court-ordered treatment and fines will run into the thousands of dollars. It also may result in the revocation of your driving privileges or license suspension. Subsequent offenses can be charged as felonies, which are punishable by prison.

Marder & Seidler, a DUI law firm in Schaumburg, IL, understands the magnitude of what is at stake in these cases. They will put their 43 years of criminal law experience to work for you to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Exploring All Angles For Defending Your Case

Throughout their career, Marder and Seidler have handled hundreds of DUI cases. They will analyze your case to determine the most effective strategy, asking questions such as:

Did they have a lawful basis for conducting field sobriety tests?    
Did the police have a lawful basis for stopping your vehicle?
Are the results of those tests accurate?    
Did they properly administer the field sobriety, breath or blood tests?    
Did they violate your Miranda rights or other constitutional rights?